Learn to Skate in Wooster, Ohio

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

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Learn to Skate in Wooster, Ohio
It all starts here!

The Learn to Skate USA program is the only introductory skating program endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and U.S. Speedskating.  ANIA’s Learn to Skate program provides a safe and effective progression of skill development, preparing the skater for success in their chosen ice-skating sport, as well as an enjoyable recreational experience.

Snowplow Sam 1-4
Beginner Skating in Wooster, Ohio
  • For beginners ages 3 to 5
  • Helmets mandatory - Due to COVID 19 restrictions we are not loaning out helmets at this time
  • Designed to help our youngest skaters develop the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination, & Speed.  Classes are a safe and positive environment, incorporating fun & games, making class time a productive and enjoyable experience for our youngest skaters.
Basic 1-6
Lesson time
  • For beginners ages 6 to 17

  • The Basic Skills curriculum encompasses six progressive levels to teach the FUNdamentals of ice skating & provides a solid foundation for figure skating, hockey, speedskating, and increased safety in recreational skating. 
Adult 1-6
Adult Ice Skating Classes in Wooster, Ohio
  • For ages 18 & up

  • It’s never too late to Learn to Skate! ANIAs Adult curriculum promotes physical fitness and improved balance & coordination, while teaching proper skating techniques in a safe and encouraging PROgression.
Hockey 1-4
LTS Hockey
  • For those interested in hockey skating, ages 6 & up

  • Proper skating techniques for the game of hockey is the primary focus in ANIA’s LTS Hockey classes. Skaters will learn the necessary fundamentals to be SUCCESSful in hockey practices and game situations. This class is taught without a puck.
Next Steps
Figure Skating
Figure Skating
Let’s twirl & fly!

Skaters that have completed LTS Basic 6 will move on to ANIA’s Jr. Club programming. Aspiring figure skaters will learn advanced skating skills, glides, turns, spins and jumps.

Put me in coach!

Skaters that have completed LTS Basic 1 LTS Hockey 1 (or possess an equivalent skill set) can continue pursuing the skills and knowledge to play the game of hockey through ANIA’s Learn to Play Hockey program.

Adults skate too!

The adult world of skating is strong and growing. The opportunities that U.S. Figure Skating provides for the adult skating community has never been so plentiful!

Camps & Clinics
Camps & Clinics
Looking for more?

Check out ANIA’s Learn to Skate Camps & Clinics to supplement LTS Classes, accelerate learning,  and amp up the FUN!

Check back for Camps & Clinics programming.

Learn to Skate Winter 2023
LTP Hockey Winter 2023
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